Sunday, October 30, 2011

Everything is for the Big Guy

This past week was an amazing week spent with God. On Wednesday night, I shared my testimony with the congregation from my college ministry. What was even more special, were the two others who presented their lives that night as well.  

Rachel is just one of those people I immediately connected with when we met last year. Since then, we have been encouraging one another and keeping each other strong when we need another woman of God. 

Jake is that kid who just makes everyone smile. His spirit and joyous nature are definitely blessings to everyone around him. 

Rachel took this picture and I just really loved it. I saw another blogger, I'm sorry I don't remember who, wear a t-shirt over a maxi dress in late summer and I fell in love with it! I've been wearing shirts over dresses as often as possible lately. The dress is from urban outfitters and I bought a few years ago, the color is a little too yellow for my skin tone, so I have to be careful in what season I bust this bad boy out. I love this shirt from jcrew because its a cool heather orange color, not something you see very often. I stole the belt from my mom, because she can't clean out her closet and I love the stuff she keeps around from the 80's . If you know my mom, don't tell her I wore my toms with a dress, she HATES that. 

Just another day in the life of a Jesus-Follower.

Monday, October 17, 2011


          I haven't encountered a shortage of inspiration in months. Whether it's talking with new friends, looking at the newest pins on my Pinterest or religiously checking Craftgawker, there's always something new I want to wear, make or dream about. I find myself in need of a creative outlet for these inspired moments of mine! Enter this Blog.
         Why adventures and eccentricity? First, adventures are huge in my life. My 3 best friends from home and my new gaggle of friends at school continue to baffle me with how fun we can be through the art of adventuring. Everyday I want to wake up with this sense of curiosity and inventiveness that my friends have instilled in me. AandE will be a springboard for life, more imagination on the blog = more imagination in my life. Second, I love the word eccentricity, for its structure and meaning. There's just something about the two c's and the ending "city". It's fun to say and spell. Guess I'm a dork like that, but don't ask me to play scrabble. I'm not the best scrabble player. Eccentricity means the deviation from a particular pattern or norm, a quality I am rather proud of when I notice it in my own life. No one has a text book life, there are quirks in all of us and I love that! I hope that I can encourage a couple people to find their uniqueness without shame and to pass on how I have been inspired.

Jump on the AandE train, no ticket required :)