Monday, October 17, 2011


          I haven't encountered a shortage of inspiration in months. Whether it's talking with new friends, looking at the newest pins on my Pinterest or religiously checking Craftgawker, there's always something new I want to wear, make or dream about. I find myself in need of a creative outlet for these inspired moments of mine! Enter this Blog.
         Why adventures and eccentricity? First, adventures are huge in my life. My 3 best friends from home and my new gaggle of friends at school continue to baffle me with how fun we can be through the art of adventuring. Everyday I want to wake up with this sense of curiosity and inventiveness that my friends have instilled in me. AandE will be a springboard for life, more imagination on the blog = more imagination in my life. Second, I love the word eccentricity, for its structure and meaning. There's just something about the two c's and the ending "city". It's fun to say and spell. Guess I'm a dork like that, but don't ask me to play scrabble. I'm not the best scrabble player. Eccentricity means the deviation from a particular pattern or norm, a quality I am rather proud of when I notice it in my own life. No one has a text book life, there are quirks in all of us and I love that! I hope that I can encourage a couple people to find their uniqueness without shame and to pass on how I have been inspired.

Jump on the AandE train, no ticket required :)

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  1. OK! Im already in love with your blog! wanna feature next week on mine? lol I'm not kidding. Loved reading this. I can already tell you will be a daily read for me.. this is so fun! :)