The List!

March 5th, 2012 to December 1st, 2014

1. Get another tattoo
2. Go on a cruise
3. Be a better blogger
4. Donate my hair
5. Visit states I’ve never been too
6. Maintain a better beauty regimen
7. Learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee
8. See Mumford and Sons live
9. Decide what my favorite beer is
10. Be a maid of honor
11. Graduate Cum Laude
12. Become financially independent
13. Learn how to sew in zippers
14. Be a better runner/work out more
15. Work for a globally-minded company
16. Maintain friendships post-graduation
17. Take a trip with Kylie
18. Go to a live taping of Ellen
19. Repaint my bookshelf
20. Make my own shampoo
21. Go to Africa
22. Read the New Testament
23. Fall in Love.
24. Visit my grandma
25. Read 10 inspiring Christian books
26. Learn more about the inside of a car.
27. Read about 5 people in culture who inspire me
28. Master the Bach Suite #1
29. Invest in nice clothes
30. Sew another quilt
31. Take better pictures with my family members
32. Donate 500,000 grains of rice on
33. Stop biting my fingers
34. Read political stories everyday
35. Take pictures of my favorite places in Bloomington/Normal
36. Spend 1 day without technology
37. Try more lipsticks
38. Study the Apostles
39. Buy new tennis shoes
40. Watch every John Hughes movie
41. Ride a roller coaster
42. Send Birthday cards to people important to me
43. Buy someone’s meal at a restaurant
44. Give a really generous tip
45. Finish a Beth Moore study
46. Take pictures of my favorite Medina places
47. Read the Hunger Games Trilogy
48. Watch 5 classic black and white movies
49. Spend 3 days in Indianapolis, Greenville, Asheville and Raleigh
50. Do the Color Run
51. Learn how to snowboard
52. Watch a local band perform
53. Learn how to skateboard
54. Try an avocado
55. Go to a country music concert
56. Rely on public transportation for 1 day
57. Watch Supernatural from start to finish
58. Try Indian food
59. Visit Chicken Bridge Bakery with Kylie
60. Use a map to navigate
61. Stop drinking pop for 90 days
62. Complete the 1 year photo challenge
63. Hit $45,000 in sales
64. Test drive a smart car
65. Do the 60 day insanity challenge
66. Bowl a 200 score
67. Go to a Sarah Bareilles Concert
68. Go to a music festival
69. Go to the zoo
70. Do something charitable for Christmas
71. Get a manicure
72. Spend a day in nature
73. Ride a segway
74. Make a tree path
75. Donate a large portion of my wardrobe
76. Make a college scrapbook
77. Turn a pair of jeans into something else
78. Recover/Redecorate my bookbag
79. Finish a 3D puzzle
80. Go to a Christian conference
81. Sing at a karaoke bar
82. Keep an idea journal
83. Use a disposable camera to capture an awesome day
84. Make a fancy meal for someone
85. Make a memory quilt
86. Listen to every CD I own
87. Take pictures of random things I like
88. Road trip to St. Louis
89. Explore a random city on a road trip
90. Watch every Oscar winner movie
91. Teach someone one of my favorite skills
92. Donate blood
93. Pull a great prank
94. Watch a sunrise
95. Take a class offered on Groupon or Living Social
96. Take a CPR training course
97. Play Bingo!
98. Learn how to press flowers
99. Dance in the rain
100. Ride a horse
101. Write a letter to 31-year old me

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