Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Silver and Gold

You know that old Girl Scouts song, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold"? That's how I'm feeling these days. While there are a number of things that I struggle with in this environment, most of which are just little, the one thing I have the hardest time with each day is not getting to share in these crazy moments with the people that are so near and dear to my heart. Over the last decade or so, I have been blessed with friendships that are unlike any others. With my ladies from Ohio, I enjoy complete simplicity and lack of jealously. Never do we envy the life the other person, we enjoy and support each other in each adventure life allows. The females and fellas I grew close to in Bloomington are fun and diverse, no two friends are exactly alike. I think that's why we work so well in our big group, not to mention our love of God's people. We all believe in the bigger picture, the awesomeness of creation and the gianormity of God. Beyond that, I barely get to speak with my family, meaning my main wolf pack seems further away in the forest. I miss these people terribly, I wish I had a live feed to share with the group of people closest to me. But, I have been blessed with a team full of friends and a staff willing to laugh. If you would like to know what an average meal looks like for MoCrank5, check out the following video:
Whether we're deciding to start a video blog or nominating a team member to fill the role of "Team Chaplain" (a position neither required or created by the directoral team at CIY), we laugh almost constantly. Our director last week mentioned that when we're all in the van, he can normally find me being loud about something, Morgan trying to keep me inside the box, Austin plugging his ears from sheer volume overload, Jake tapping away on his IPhone to ignore us while finding the newest and best music and Kristin just laughing her face off in the middle of it all. These are the people that God has given me for this season and I plan to enjoy the bits and pieces of them that I can.
Prior to starting the internship, we took a personality test to help put teams together. The test is called Servants by Design and was specifically created to help ministry professionals and other Christian organizations. The test describes each person as a house, made up off the same 6 personalities to different extents. The percentage of each personality type you are determines how easy it is for you to act in that phase during an average day. On the very bottom, is the quality you are most, it's call your foundation. Most people are 100% whatever is in their basement, but it is possible to be less than 100% and still have that as your foundation. The quality you are the next highest on, is the quality in which you are currently regularly acting. For instance, Joe's house is made up of 100%, 75%, 50%, 50%, 25% and 4% on each quality, he is "maxed out" on his foundation and acting most often like the 75% piece. Why am I saying so much about this? Because I've come to understand each person on my team more becuase of this test. Morgan, Austin and Kristin are all foundational Harmonizers, meaning they enjoy the harmony of groups. Each one of them keeps us working together and helps us from killing each other when nothing seems to be working quite right. Jake and I are both foundational Energizers, but we are nothing alike. I am center of attention and he isn't. But our reactions to stress are very similar, we tend to blame others for something that's gone wrong. Beyond my foundation, I'm also 100% Dreamer and Harmonizer, which means that I have already been through phases of my life in which these were dominant. Now I can easily move between them during my day without losing my energy. I was surprised to have maxed out of the Dreamer phase, I think more than ever I spend time alone and retreated from others so I can hash things out in my head. But, I am 69% Persister, which means I'm values oriented and stubborn. No surprise there. When I start arguing about the meaning of something on one of my favorite TV shows, my teammates know to chalk it up to this part of my personality.
We have such an awesome balance, I actually prefer to just have the 5 of us together rather than the 15 other staff members and college students that are here to help us out. The production staff and college reps are so fun and we have a great time, but I've learned so much about my 4 teammates that I just want to be with them sometimes. Even though I miss the Gold friendships I have in life, the Silver ones seem to be pretty awesome as well.


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