Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tens I See

Trying to come up with a creative title for this post was difficult. So I went with a play on words, you know the old saying... "You're the only Ten I See". It's clever, laugh now please.
I've been in Tennessee for a week and a half now, we're on Day 2 of TN2. Again, check out (www.ciy.com/move) for more information. I'm most specifically talking to any of my family members who are reading this now. We've been staying at Johnson University just outside of Knoxville. It's a gorgeous campus but completely out of the way. There is a 6 mile road that takes you from Dunkin Donuts to the school and once you are back here, there is no where else to go but back up that same road. I can see how some people would completely love being here, but it's a little isolated for me. Thank goodness we are constantly busy and have very little down time to think about how far we are from most people. This campus is so much better than Ozark in Joplin. We have our own bathroom in each room and each building is gorgeous brick. 
We made it through the first event as a staff last week. It was hectic; we had a water main break and a fire alarm. I spent the entire week attached to a work cell phone, that rang almost every hour. Youth Ministers were given the number to use if they had problems, and they had plenty. Most complaints were about the rooms they were given, in the dorms and for their small group time, which is usually a problem the university must solve. It's a hard balance between just getting things done and making sure we comply with the University's rules. We don't want to ruin relationships with these places, because they are the hosts and the chief requirement to put on a Move event. At the same time, we want to make our customers happy to ensure they have the best time with their students.
I've come to learn that the people I work for are true gifts. I had a really hard week last week, but my bosses here and back in Joplin were so incredibly supportive. I got a text from the Chase, the guy who hired me, with a verse he was praying over me for the coming week. Honestly, these people care about us more than we give them credit for. They put up with my complete lack of hushed-tone and do my ridiculous self-five to give me a laugh. I don't know how working without employers and co-workers like this could be possible.
After completing the week, we were evaluated on our work. As I type this, I'm talking about the evaluations with one of my teammates. It's interesting to hear what they think of your work immediately after being finished. Nothing was surprising about what they said, I was marked highly for working independently and initiative. I was marked low on verbal criticism and language. I'm looking forward to seeing how other directors evaluate my work because I'd like to hear more about things I don't already know.
I'm expecting each week to get easier, but who knows!

From the mountains,

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